Fatty Liver with Diabetes Treatment & Cure

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How I Cured Fatty Liver Naturally at Home

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How to Treat & Cure Fatty Liver with Diabetes

Liver functions play a vital role in several body processes.  For this reason alone, any alterations occurring in its proper functioning can have adverse effects on an individual’s health.

fatty liver diabetes connectionLiver Functions

Liver carries out multiple functions, namely –

–       First, it produces bile which is essential to break down fats during the digestion process as well as to carry away the digestive waste materials.

–       It produces a certain protein that is necessary to help transport fat through the body.

–       It converts excess glucose into glycogen to be stored away for later use (glycogen is converted back into glucose when required).

–       It stores iron.

–       It clears away waste and toxic substances from the bloodstream.

–       It aids in the blood clotting process.

Impaired liver functions can lead to fat accumulation within the organ, called as fatty liver disease.  As and when the fat content goes beyond acceptable limits, it can increase a person’s risk of developing high blood sugar levels and cardiovascular problems.

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Control Your Food

As stated earlier, the liver assists in regulating blood sugar levels.  When blood glucose levels are low, usually noticed when the body is in a ‘fasting’ mode, the glycogen stored in the liver is converted back to glucose and released into the bloodstream.  However, the high amount of fat buildup in liver will overly stress the organ and trigger unnatural glucose production in the liver.  This sets the path for the body to become more resistant to insulin, making it hard for the organ to control fasting blood glucose levels.  Hence, people with fatty liver conditions in all probability will be suffering from insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus.

Treating fatty liver with diabetes

In order to manage fatty liver with diabetes, the first step needed to be taken is to attempt weight loss.  Excess body weight is linked to both fatty liver and diabetic conditions.  The weight reduced, however, should occur in a gradual manner.  Sudden weight loss can trigger several other illnesses within the body system.

For an effective and gradual weight loss, attempt the following –

–       Reduce the portion size of every meal consumed.  Attempt to consume five or six small and well balanced meals so as to allow the body process and absorb food efficiently.  Include more of raw vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber.  Fiber will help maintain the sensation of fullness for a longer period of time.

–       Fast foods, deep fried food products, and highly processed foods should be avoided totally.  Any foods that are high in calories, are fatty and greasy, even meat and meat products should be removed from the daily diet.

–       Keep the body well hydrated.  Minimum eight glasses of water should be consumed every day.  Drinking a glass of water after every meal will also be of great help as far as weight loss is concerned.

–       Reduce carbohydrate consumption and weight loss will occur automatically.  Carbohydrates have a high glycemic index, which can skyrocket blood sugar levels.  Unutilized blood sugars get converted into fat, leading to obesity and fatty liver conditions.

–       Use of olive oil for seasoning dishes is recommended.  Baking, roasting, or boiling veggies and white meats should be the cooking choices made to keep oil consumption minimum.

–       Exercise regularly.  At least 30 minutes of fast-paced walking should be done on a daily basis to help increase the body’s metabolism.

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