Fatty Liver Diet – Which are the Foods to Avoid with Fatty Liver

Foods to Avoid with Fatty Liver

Find here the foods to avoid if you are suffering with fatty liver disease.Wrong diet will aggravate fatty liver & will cause more damage to your liver.Improvised Home Remedies acts faster than other home remedies .

What Not To Eat with Fatty Liver 

fatty_liver_treatmentsThese days, fatty liver seems to have developed into a common liver ailment.  Largely, there is a connection between the modern style of living and fatty liver disease.  A vast majority of the current population follow a sedentary lifestyle, with a major part of the day spent in front of the computer, with little or no active body movements.  Also, most individuals prefer to snack on ‘junk’ foods that contain excess dietary fats and less nutritional values.  This eventually leads to excess body weight, obesity problems and finally excess fat accumulation in the liver, diminishing its proper functions drastically.

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Once an individual is diagnosed with this liver condition, it becomes important that he or she correct their faulty eating habits.  Along with this, following an exercise routine to bring their body weight to stable levels will help greatly in improving the sufferer’s liver functions.

Food Habits

There are certain foods that need to be avoided by a fatty liver sufferer.  Most of these food products are consumed by all on a regular basis, and getting to know which food groups have a positive and negative effect on the health of a liver will help in restoring their liver health conditions.

Avoid High-fat foods

A fatty liver will have problems in breaking down dietary fats any further.  This is why consumption of foods high in unhealthy fats needs to be avoided or done in minimal amounts by the sufferer.  Also, fatty foods contribute to piling up body weight, which can only aggravate fatty liver conditions unpleasantly.  Thus, avoiding consumption of deep fried food products, baked items (for these normally contain excess fats), and dairy rich products is usually recommended for fatty liver sufferers.  Use of saturated fats should be completely avoided by these individuals.

The individual should also refrain from eating meat and meat products for these too are high in saturated fats as well as can raise the person’s cholesterol levels.  Egg yolks, red meat like beef, pork, and lamb consumption should be avoided.

High-glycemic foods

Foods high in natural sugars or those that have a high glycemic index will raise blood sugar levels, having a negative effect on the health of a liver.  Potatoes, watermelons, bananas, raisins, white breads, white rice, corn and corn products, ice-creams, fruit yogurts, and chocolate bars are high in simple carbohydrates and need to be avoided.

Processed grains

These too need to be avoided and instead whole grains be made part of the sufferer’s daily diet for these will contain all nutrients in their natural form.  They are also rich in fiber which will help in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels, both of which are essential to reverse fatty liver conditions.


Alcohol consumption, be it in moderate or excessive amounts will eventually cause fat build-up in the liver cells.  When the build-up goes beyond acceptable limits, inflammation of the liver cells can set in which will over time cause scarring of the tissues.  At this stage, proper blood flow to the liver cells gets hindered and cause healthy liver cells to die to a point that the entire liver becomes damaged beyond repair.  Hence, once fatty liver condition is diagnosed in a person, it is best that they abstain from drinking all types of alcoholic beverages.

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