Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver in Children Treatment & Diet


Fatty Liver in Children – Is it Possible to Cure Naturally with Home Remedies ?

At the present times, due to several reasons, children are perceived to suffer from diseases more commonly associated with old age.  Studies done reveal that the number of children developing fatty liver condition has been rising to higher levels, and this seem to be happening at a very rapid rate.

Fatty Liver Disease is an abnormal liver condition where there is an excess fat build-up seen in the liver cells.  The development occurs at various stages, and in its severity it can interfere with the proper functioning of the organ, cause healthy liver cells to perish, and may even lead to irreversible liver damage.


This condition was once rarely diagnosed among the elderly, and relatively unseen among the minors.  An increase in obesity levels is believed to be the major cause for this disease development among the infant group.

Fatty liver is considered as a ‘silent’ liver condition.  Its presentation is rarely made during its developmental stages.  For the greatest part, when the disease progression has reached its end stage, it is only then that abnormalities are noted.  The symptoms seen are a yellowish hue noted near the hairline, the whites of the eye, and nails; lack of appetite, weight loss, easy fatigability, and blood clotting difficulties.

Diagnosis – It has become important for children likewise to undergo routine health checkups to identify abnormalities earlier on.  Elevated levels of liver enzymes on blood tests should not be ignored.  They suggest abnormal functioning of the liver.  This should be further investigated with imaging tests and if something is indeed found amiss, then a liver biopsy should be performed.  The only reliable manner in which fatty liver can be diagnosed is by conducting a liver biopsy.

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Treatment – The progression of fatty liver condition in children should be prevented as early as possible.  Though certain medications have found to help in treating this condition, controlling it in a natural manner is best advised for children.  A change in diet, attempting healthy weight loss, starting an exercise routine, and regular health monitoring will go a long way in bringing this condition under good control.

The current generation gets satiated only after eating highly processed ‘junk’ foods instead of the regular healthy nutritious foods prepared at home.  These fast foods are high in unhealthy fats, salt, and carbs that can skyrocket blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  They also contribute towards excess fat pile-up in the body, leading to weight problems.  Children should be encouraged to make the right food choices.  Home cooked meals should be made more tasty and enjoyable for the children.  Fast foods should be replaced with regular meals.  Prevent the child from eating while watching television.  Instead every meal should be enjoyed at the dinner table, sharing it with the other family members.

Sweetened beverages like soft drinks, considered fashionable and convenient among children, should be replaced with homemade fruit juices and pure water.  Fructose, the cheapest form of sugar, used in soft drinks and various other sweetened and processed food products, is linked to the high occurrence of obesity among children.

Insist that children set aside time to play active games which will provide them with the much needed exercise.  Exhaustive physical movements will help them reduce their body weight.  The child’s television and computer time should be cut down.

All of the above measures along with regular health checkups are enough to keep the child free from disease conditions.