Mild Fatty Liver Natural Treatment & Cure with Home Remedies


What is Mild Fatty Liver ?

A diagnosis of mild fatty liver disease can leave one wondering – ‘how could I possibly develop something like this?’ – especially those who consider themselves to be absolutely fit as a fiddle, have no family history of any major illnesses, are not heavy drinkers, eat healthily, and exercise in a routine manner.  While alcoholism and obesity do have a role to play in bringing about this type of a liver condition, there are also several others causes to it.

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Fatty Liver is – The amount of fat that deposits in the liver cells going beyond acceptable limits is a state referred to in medical terms as a fatty liver disease.  The excess fat may come from the person’s diet or from other parts of the body, and the accumulation is often a gradual process.

In not so severe disease condition, the individual will seldom experience any type of symptoms.  In fact, this disease very rarely makes any presentation.  At the most, the person may feel some discomfort in the upper abdominal regions accompanied with tiredness, loss of appetite, or even unexplained weight loss.

Often, an individual will be diagnosed with this liver condition when routine health examinations are conducted.  An elevated liver enzyme reading on blood tests generally indicates an abnormal occurrence in the liver organ, which will warrant further investigations, to identify the exact nature of the liver disease.  An ultrasound or CT scan, or even an MRI are the usual image testings recommended to identify the liver abnormality.

Causative Factors – The causes for this condition to develop in any person are several, but the ones that top the list are alcoholism, unhealthy eating habits and obesity, drugs, or pregnancy related.

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Heavy drinking is known to alter the structure of liver cells, causing enough damage to interfere with its normal functions, leading to excess fat accumulation in them.  The same goes with the toxic effects of extended use of prescription meds.  These are processed by the liver organ, and when the processing needs to be done in excess, it will eventually bring about harmful effects to the organ.

Metabolic disorders leading to weight gain or even following a routine high-fat diet can lead to fat accumulation in excess between the liver tissues and its cells.

When it appears during pregnancy, which could be due to hormonal fluctuations, gaining pregnancy weight, or the wrong choice of foods; the condition normally ceases to exist once the baby is delivered.

Treatment – Mild fatty liver disease state is an easily reversible condition.  The person should refrain from alcohol consumption totally for it will only cause further damage to the liver organ.

If the condition is non-alcoholic, then identifying the exact cause plays a vital role in obtaining an effective treatment plan.  Medications that are known to increase the risk of developing liver problems should be removed and replaced with better drug choices.

If high cholesterol, blood sugar or triglyceride levels are found to be the culprits, then they need to be managed well with proper medications and a healthy diet.

Body weight should be reduced by following an active lifestyle which will include rigorous exercise routines, as well as healthy eating patterns.

These simple measures followed religiously will suffice to bring the liver condition back to normal.  When failed to do so, the liver damage may reach to such a stage where the person’s condition will improve only with a liver transplant.  This is a situation that no sane person will want to go through.

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