How to Reverse Severe Fatty Liver – Natural Severe Fatty Liver Treatment with Home Remedies


Severe Fatty Liver – What it Is ?

It is not necessary for an individual to be an alcoholic in order to develop liver problems.  Liver diseases can arise from many and varied causative factors.

Fatty Liver – One abnormal condition of the liver is excess fat collection in the liver cells, which is known in the medical world as fatty liver disease.  Simple fatty liver condition as is does not pose any health problems to the individual.  It is only when the condition progresses to a point that it cause damage to the liver cells, by triggering inflammation and killing healthy cells and tissues, that this is considered to be a severe state.


Identifying the exact cause behind its development is of utmost necessity to help treat this condition in a successful manner.  If the exact cause cannot be identified appropriately, then the damage brought about to the liver cells will influence the immune system to cause inflammation within the liver.  This is referred to as, in medical terms, as steatohepatitis, a grave condition.  This however, can still be reversed with proper treatment.

Fatty liver condition can be divided into two groups, nonalcoholic fatty liver and alcoholic fatty liver disease.  In case the disease is brought about by excessive alcohol consumption, then abstaining from it is the only manner in which the liver can heal completely.

However, more than alcohol, obesity is found to be the greatest risk for developing fatty liver condition.  This of course falls into the nonalcoholic fatty liver type, and apart from excess body weight, a poor diet, use of medications for an extended period of time, and lack of exercise may also lead to the development of this liver condition.  Once the causative factor has been identified, then treatment becomes an easy process.

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Treatment – So if the individual is overweight, then following methods that will aid in weight loss is recommended.

Severe Fatty LiverDiet

Usually a healthy diet plan and routine exercises will go a long way in bringing body weight down.  It would be beneficial if the person avoids excess consumption of dietary fats like deep-fried and baked food products.  Dairy-rich foods like cheese, mayonnaise, ice-creams, and full cream milk consumption should be avoided.  Food products containing excess additives and preservatives are also to be avoided by the sufferer.

Red meat is high in animal fats, and its consumption should be refrained from – lamb, pork, and beef fall into this group.

Consuming a high-salt diet and sugary sweetmeats will need to be reduced by the individual, so as to help the liver heal in a better manner.  The person should refrain from using artificial sweeteners, for these are processed by the liver and can strain the organ extensively.

Instead, a high-fiber diet that contains more of whole grains, raw vegetables and fruits, is recommended for the sufferer.

If the individual has high blood sugar, cholesterol/triglyceride levels, then these are required to be brought under control and maintained so throughout their life.  It is only when this is achieved, that the fatty liver condition in them can be managed well.

Certain medications are known to trigger fatty liver disease.  If the person’s fatty liver is drug-induced, then removing those drugs becomes vital.