How to Reverse Fatty Liver with Milk Thistle : Natural Fatty Liver Treatment & Cure


Find here how to treat & cure fatty liver with Milk Thistle .Improvised home remedies can act faster and normalize your fatty liver at home .Natural treatment has no side effects,it is safe & reliable.

Get Rid of Fatty Liver with Milk Thistle

The liver is an organ with many important functions necessary for human beings to enjoy exceptional health and vigor.  It carries out vital changes in various substances found in the bloodstream as well as produces certain enzymes that are essential for proper breakdown of food and alcohol, and for removal of toxins that can end up in the bloodstream.  It also produces protein substances that aid in the blood clotting process.

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Fatty Liver

milk thistleAny changes occurring within the body that reduces the liver’s ability to function properly can lead to excess fat buildup within the liver and cause fatty liver disease.  This liver condition is categorized into two types – alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver.  Simple fatty liver condition does not seem to impair a person’s life drastically.  It is only when inflammation and cell damage occurs along with fat accumulation that this leads to severe health issues.

While medication use may be necessary for effective treatment of fatty liver disease at its end stage, initially attempting to cure it in a natural manner is considered best by many.  Fatty liver is a reversible condition, but if this liver condition is chosen to be ignored with no remedial measures followed, it can progress to cause severe and irreversible damage to the liver.

The use of several herbal combinations has proven to bring this liver condition under good control.  Of all the herbs, milk thistle is most commonly used due to the successful results got by many users.

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How to Use Milk Thistle to Cure Fatty Liver

The milk thistle herb has a milky sap found in its leaves and stems.  The plant has prickly leaves and is found growing wildly in America, Europe and Asian countries.  This herb has active compounds that protect the liver against harmful and toxic substances that find their way into the body from food and drinks consumed.  It also assists in repairing damaged liver cells caused by heavy drinking and excessive use of prescription drugs.  The use of milk thistle to treat almost all liver disorders had been approved in the late 1980s, and some even claim that its ability to protect the liver cannot be equalized to any prescription med.

The seeds or fruit of the herb is used for medicinal purposes.  It contains an aromatic compound called silymarin which is purified and used therapeutically.  One could also obtain these seeds, crush and sprinkle them on cooked dishes, salads, homemade fruit juices and milkshakes.

The leaves and stems of this herbal plant can be made an ingredient of salads and burgers.

A herbal tea is prepared from its fresh leaves and seeds.  Crush the seeds and leaves, tie them up in a muslin bag, and steep the bag in hot boiled water for five to ten minutes.  Remove the bag and add honey or lime to the infused liquid before consumption.

If milk thistle supplemental use is considered a good option, then choose the one that contains 70%-80% silymarin.  This should be taken at 420 mg/day, preferably in divided doses, and can be consumed safely for a period of three years on a continual basis.

Milk thistle is also available in the tincture form.  To a glass of drinking water, add a few drops of the tincture and consume to enjoy its benefits.

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