Home Remedies for Fatty Liver Natural Cure


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Fatty Liver Home Remedies

Excess fat accumulation in the liver cells leads to a disease condition termed as fatty liver.  If left untreated, it can cause severe complications and could also bring about irreversible damage to the liver.  Simple lifestyle changes and alterations made in food habits, many a times, is sufficient to bring the liver condition to normal limits.

Fatty liver disease – Fatty liver by itself does not cause any severe health complications.  The condition, however, can bring about inflammatory conditions of the liver, which further can change the structure of liver tissues, making them hardened and scarred.


Now becoming a common liver complaint, fatty liver is usually a result of following a high-fat diet, leading a sedentary lifestyle, being obese, and excess alcohol consumption.

Exercise – Remaining inactive for extended periods of time can diminish body functions enormously.  Beginning with a low-impact exercise regimen and gradually increasing the pace of the exercise routine will help greatly in improving the health status of an individual as well as reversing fatty liver.

–       Obesity – Excess body fat can lead to various lifestyle illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, etc., all of which can compromise the health condition of a liver.  A regular exercise program will assist in maintaining stable bodyweight as well as in maintaining proper functions of the liver.

Diet – Dietary fats consumed in abnormally large amounts eventually leads to fat accumulation in the liver cells, since the amount becomes more than it can process.  Avoiding fried foods, baked items; consuming minimal dairy and animal food products; and following a healthy and nutritious diet will help in bringing this condition under better control.

Alcohol – Excess alcohol consumption is linked to various liver diseases, including fatty liver.  Restricting alcohol intake or even total alcohol abstinence will aid in better management of this liver condition.

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Health Checkups – Regular doctor visits is recommended to monitor liver functions as well as to identify other common illnesses that can lead to fatty liver disease.  Get cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels under control to help manage this liver condition in a better manner.

Foods that help – Certain organic fruits and vegetables help in curing this liver condition and is recommended that they be added into the sufferer’s daily diet.  Fruits that aid in burning dietary fats rapidly like papaya, apples, pineapples and similar fiber-rich fruits need to be consumed regularly.

Fresh, well ripened tomatoes, preferably uncooked, is also known to prevent fatty liver occurrences.

Half a cup of bitter gourd consumed daily will help in dealing with liver enlargement as well as in bringing blood sugar levels down.  Also, its juice can be extracted and combined with honey for consumption.

Juice extracted from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges and consumed on an empty stomach will help in dealing with fatty liver symptoms better.  The vitamin C obtained from these will also aid in preventing damage to the liver cells that can occur from inflammatory conditions of the liver.

Whole grains, that are unprocessed, will contain essential vitamins required for successful breakdown of toxic substances that can end up in the liver after the blood filtering process.  White rice need to be replaced with brown and consumption of whole wheat products are usually recommended for fatty liver sufferers.

It is important though that proper medical care be followed along with these remedial measures to regain total health and proper functioning of the liver.

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