Fatty Liver Grade 3 Treatment & Cure


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What is Fatty Liver Grade 3

Fat accumulation in the liver, within acceptable limits, is a normal phenomenon, for some amount of fats does get deposited in the liver.  However, when the fat infiltration occurs in excess amounts, it paves way for the development of fatty liver disease.


Fatty liver is nothing but excess fat build-up in the liver cells, as well as in the spaces available between interstitial tissues of the organ.  Over time, with this increased fat accumulation, the organ will expand and cause it to feel heavy, to the extent that it can make the individual experience uneasiness and discomfort for no apparent reasons.

Symptoms – An intense pain in the upper abdominal area, nauseousness and vomiting, and feeling run down even with minimal activity are the usual signs and symptoms of this liver condition.  But then these symptoms are seen in several other common ailments, usually in those affecting the gastrointestinal tract.  Hence, this condition is often misdiagnosed.

Identifying the disease – If however, blood tests reveal elevated liver enzymes, then it can be considered that indeed a liver problem does exist in the concerned individual.  For a more precise diagnosis, removal of liver tissues for a detailed examination is necessary.

Classification – There are two different varieties of this liver condition namely, the non-alcoholic type and the alcoholic type.  The process of its development, however, remains to be the same in both the conditions.

Fatty liver condition is assigned a grading system to determine the severity of the condition.  This is necessary to provide better treatment plans for a rapid recovery.

–       Grade I – simple form that does not interfere with the proper functioning of the liver, but still requires to be managed.

–       Grade II – a middle condition that requires some medical help to prevent its progression.

–       Grade III – a severe state of the disease.  It is usually at this stage that symptoms appear.

Treatment – While medical care is necessary at this stage, once the underlying cause of this condition has been identified, managing them in a natural manner will help in reversing fat accumulation in the liver cells at a faster pace.

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is often a condition prevalent among those who are obese, those who are insulin resistant or who are suffering from other disease conditions that can compromise liver functions, or those who follow a poor diet.  Reducing body weight in a healthy and gradual manner is often recommended for such sufferers.  Ideal body weight will depend largely on the height and gender of the individual, but maintaining a body mass index less or around 25 is considered right.

Avoiding fatty foods, red meat products, food made chiefly from milk or milk products, and highly processed, but edible materials, should be the norm.  Industrial cooking vegetable oils should be replaced with cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and sunflower oil.  The sufferer should stick to wholesome foods, and attempt to consume more of raw organic fruits and veggies as far as possible.  Food in its natural state contains certain enzymes that will aid in a more rapid break down of fats, preventing fat accumulation.

If this liver disease is drug-induced, then stopping the drugs or replacing them with less harmful ones is considered a healthy option for the sufferer.

If the person is diabetic, controlling blood sugar levels by way of medications, and following a diet high in low-glycemic foods is recommended.  If high cholesterol and triglyceride levels are considered to be the cause, then bringing them down to normal levels would benefit the sufferer.

Alcoholic fatty liver condition can be treated well with complete alcohol abstinence.

Improvised Home Remedies for Fatty Liver

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