Fatty Liver Grade 2 – How to Handle Fatty Liver Grade Two Disease


Fatty Liver Grade 2

Unhealthy lifestyle habits along with poor health maintenance usually give rise to various health problems.  In such a situation it is normally the gastrointestinal tract that gets affected initially, with the liver taking a major brunt of it all.  Fatty liver disease has progressed to be the most common ailment of the liver suffered by most at the present time.

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What is Fatty Liver Disease?


This is a condition brought about by abnormal retention of lipids in the liver cells, or accumulation of fat in the interstitial spaces of the liver organ.  The liver normally contains some amount of fat on its exterior surface that shields the organ from harmful effects of toxic substances that can arrive at the lungs during the intestinal blood filtration process.  However, when more than 5%-10% of the liver’s weight comes from this fat deposit, then it is termed as a fatty liver condition.

The stages of its development are arranged in grades, with grade 1 being the simplest form of its development.  Grade 2, however, is considered a moderately severe state of development which warrants medical care.

Causes – In some, genetics may be the causative factor for this disease condition.  But most often it is either due to abnormal conditions of the body systems like diabetes, high blood cholesterol or triglyceride levels, or excess body weight.  Over use of certain medications are also known to interfere with the proper functions of the liver and cause fatty liver disease to set in.  Heavy alcohol drinking is also linked to this liver condition.

Treatment – Effective treatment depends on identifying the exact cause behind this disease development.  Now, fatty liver is classified into two – alcoholic and non-alcoholic type.  Hence, if an individual is diagnosed with the alcoholic type, then refraining from drinking alcohol, even in moderate amounts, will help in reversing this liver disease.

For the non-alcoholic fatty liver type sufferers though the treatment involves a change in diet and lifestyle habits.

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Foods to Be Avoided – Refined carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, noodles, and pasta to be removed from the person’s diet.

Processed junk foods contain excess greasy fats and thus needs to be removed.  Breakfast cereals are also processed highly and should be avoided.  Likewise, baked goods like cakes, cookies, scones, puff pastry, etc., require excess fats for baking purposes and needs to be eliminated by the sufferer.

Deep fried sweet and savories also to be avoided by the person.  Meat, especially red meats like lamb, pork and beef, and meat products that contain animal fats needs to be avoided.

Dairy rich products like cheese, butter, margarine, mayonnaise, ice-creams and fruit yogurt also to be avoided.

Artificial sweeteners to be avoided for breakdown of these additives will exert the liver.

Foods to Promote Healthy Liver – Whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, rye, and oats to be made part of the person’s regular diet.  Organic fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber will benefit a fatty liver sufferer.

If meat cannot be avoided, the person will need to switch to fat-trimmed meats and chicken.  Seafood like prawn, mackerel, salmon, sardine, tuna, etc. which are rich in essential fatty acids may also be consumed by the sufferer.

For regular cooking, oils that contain omega-3 fatty acids are recommended for the sufferer.  The best choice would be cold-pressed olive oil.

Exercise – Reduction of abdominal fat with exercise is recommended for fatty liver sufferers.  A regular exercise routine will also keep overall body weight at desired levels, which is essential to keep all disease conditions at bay.

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