Fatty Liver Diet


Diet for People with Fatty Liver

An elevation in build-up of fat in the liver cells eventually leads to a condition medically known as fatty liver disease.  While lifestyle factors, hereditary, and poor health maintenance do play a role in bringing about this condition, a faulty choice of food is considered to be a major contributing factor of this liver condition.

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Cleanse a Fatty LiverThe initial route of treatment is usually prescription medications.  This, of course, may be necessary if the disease condition requires to be brought under control immediately because of its severity.  However, very few are aware of the fact that following a healthy diet plan along with an active lifestyle is all that is required to control this liver disease, especially during its initial stages with no or minimal drug use.


Various food groups, which are consumed on a regular basis by a greater number of people, actually contribute to this unhealthy state of the liver.  Understanding which foods to avoid completely, which can be consumed on an occasional basis, and what food groups need to be taken in regularly to combat fatty liver disease will aid in better control of this liver condition.

Liver Healthy Diet – As far as possible the individual should adhere to a meal plan that contains more of raw fruits and vegetables, or those that require a minimal cooking process.  One-fourth of every meal eaten should have raw vegetables and seasonal fruits.  Green leafy vegetables and fruits and veggies of varied colors like red (apples, tomatoes), orange (oranges, carrots), yellow (pineapples, bell peppers), and purple (grapes, eggplant) contain natural enzymes, antibiotics, and immune boosting substances that can strengthen the liver further.

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Cooking Oil – Cold pressed vegetable and seed oils should be chosen for cooking purposes if a fatty liver sufferer desires to restore the health condition of their liver.  This form of cooking oils will contain essential fatty acids in their natural form which is essential to maintain a healthy liver.  Olive oil, sunflower oil, black currant seed oil, borage oil, and sesame seed oil are useful for improving liver health.

Essential Fats – These essential fatty acids are also present in seafood like shrimp, prawns; fish varieties like tuna, mackerel, salmon and all others that contain more of natural oils.

Almost all raw but fresh nuts and seeds, especially flaxseed, are also natural sources of these essential fatty oils and can be powdered and used in smoothies, salads, cereals or used for garnishing dishes.

Avocado is another good source of natural healthy fats essential for maintaining a healthy liver.  The inner flesh of this fruit can be pureed and used as a spread on bread and crackers instead of butter or margarine, which are considered unhealthy, especially for fatty liver sufferers.

Seasoning – Keep salt and sugar consumption minimal.  Alternate options for enhancing the flavor of dishes need to be attempted, like adding juice extracted from onions, lemons, or using vinegar.  These will require very small amount of salt to be added in dishes.  White refined sugar can be substituted with natural sweeteners like organic honey.  Adding spices like turmeric and cumin are also known to aid in healing a fatty liver condition.

Fatty liver sufferers are often recommended to follow a strict vegetarian diet.  Eating a well-balanced meal every day will help them greatly in recovering from this liver disorder in the best natural manner.

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